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Planting Cauliflower In The Garden Grid™ 

Cauliflower is a versatile cool-season crop, that’s really had a big glow up over the last few years. It’s used as a substitute for a variety of foods like pizza crust, rice, buffalo wings, & it’s even become popular to batter & fry or to simply roast. With the growing versatility & relatively large production per plant, it’s an excellent addition to consider for your garden.

Depending on your growing zone there are different times of the year when you can safely plant cauliflower seeds outdoors. The closer to winter that you decide to plant, the more attentive you will need to be for unexpected freezes. If you just missed your planting date range or want to plant further into the cold seasons, adding a greenhouse covering can help. Here’s a quick video on how to make a simple greenhouse covering for your garden. You can also find your growing zone here if you don’t know it yet.

Cauliflower Planting Date Ranges By Growing Zones 

Zone 3: Mid-June to Late August

Zone 4: Early June to Late August

Zone 5: Late May to Early September

Zone 6: Late March to Late May | Mid-August to Early October

Zone 7: Early March to Early May | Late August to Late October

Zone 8: Late February to Early May | Mid-September to Late November

Zone 9: Late February to Early May | Mid-October to Early December

Zones 10 & 11: Late October to Late February

  • Cauliflower is grown 1 plant per Garden Grid™ watering system square OR 1 every other square if it’s a larger variety.
  • Seeds only need to be planted 1/4″ deep & thrive in loose soil, making cauliflower ideal for raised garden beds.
  • Cauliflower prefers mild to cool weather to mature (45 to 75 degrees air temp), & they can withstand moderate frost (26 degrees) for a couple of hours. However, prolonged frost will damage the head (curd) of the cauliflower. Here are some additional garden frost management tips to keep your plants growing through the cold.
  • Watering – Seeds & seedlings, water daily until established (here are tips on that). For mature plants, water often enough to keep the soil moist ~2″ below the surface. 
  • Cauliflower does best in moderate to full sun, so make sure they’re grown in an area that has 6+ hours of sun exposure per day.
  • Harvest after 70-90 days. 

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