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If Your Garden Beds Only Need One Garden Grid™, How Do You Use A Manifold?

Learn more about connecting garden hoses to manifolds here.


It’s one of our most frequently asked questions. Fortunately, it’s a simple answer.

“I only need one Garden Grid in each of my Raised Gardens, can I connect just one Garden Grid to a Garden Grid Manifold so I can still connect hoses from garden to garden?”


In this case, you would simply attach your Garden Grid™ to one side of the manifold and leave the valve on the other side turned off since it won’t be used. At the bottom of the manifold, you will still connect your incoming and outgoing garden hoses as you normally would, so you can supply water to your next garden.

*Side Note* This is only needed when you have a single Garden Grid™ in a non-Garden In Minutes Raised Garden Bed. GIM Raised Garden Bed Bundles that have one Garden Grid™ in them come with a Single Garden Grid™ manifold that has one valve to easily connect to 🙌

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