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Growing Tomatoes In Fall

Many growing zones can enjoy tomatoes throughout the summer, but the high summer temps of growing zones 8, 9, 10, & 11 are usually too much for them.

Fortunately, the end of summer & beginning of fall provides opportunities for these higher temperature growing zones.

 Zone 8 can enjoy fall tomatoes by planting seeds in early August or transplants in late August/early September.  Zones 9, 10, & 11 can enjoy fall tomatoes by planting either seeds or transplants throughout September.

If you’re unsure of your growing zone, you can find it here.

Tomato Spacing, Watering, & Harvesting Tips

Grow 1 tomato plant per Garden Grid™️ watering system square, no more than 2 rows wide to allow for airflow. Water your tomato seeds & transplants daily (or more) until they are established! Here’s info on that.

Lastly, once plants begin to mature & produce fruit, keep the soil consistently moist (not dry, not soggy). Tomatoes are sensitive to moisture. Inconsistent watering often leads to the fruit splitting as it ripens. This is why it’s a popular practice to harvest tomatoes when they’re still green. Here’s more on that! 


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