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Valve & Cap Swap Manifold ‘Trick’

Caps & valves are interchangeable on the Garden Grid™ manifold.

Swapping them around is an option & can be helpful if you only have one Garden Grid™ connected to your manifold, but still plan to attach a garden hose to the bottom of the manifold to feed off to connect to another Garden Grid™ or just for utility purposes. 

Simply unscrew the cap & the unused valve. Put the cap where the valve used to be & then put the valve where the cap used to be. Or, you can connect a hose directly to that point where the cap was & put the valve at the end of the hose. The valve will let you control the water flow of that hose independently of your Garden Grid™!

Quick & simple & now you have a little more utility from your Garden Grid™ Manifold.



Questions? Post them in the comments below! 

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