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What Does 17-in-1 & 10-in-1 Raised Garden Bed Mean?

Do you need support rods for larger sizes?

Our 17-in-1 & 10-in-1 Raised Garden Beds means that our raised garden beds can be assembled into 17 (if you choose our 17-in-1) or 10 (if you choose our 10-in-1) different configurations. 

Our metal raised garden beds are all modular meaning you can use all or some of the panels and arrange them differently to create a variety of different garden bed layouts and sizes! We list all of the options in the product details, images, and of course in the instructions. You can see all of the 17-in-1 configurations here & all of the 10-in-1 configurations here

Our modular raised garden beds are also used in our All-in-One Raised Garden Bed Kits which include our Garden grid™ watering system. In the video we have our 17-in-1 Raised Garden Beds assembled into configurations 1 & 2, both of these configurations are also used for our 4×8 and 2×10 All-In-One Raised Garden Bed kits because they fit our 4×8 Garden Grid™ and (2) 2×5 Garden Grids™ respectively.

For larger sizes, support rods are used to keep your garden bed walls strong and upright even under the weight of soil. Only a few configurations need the support rods and they are included in the packaging for you and explained in the instructions if/when to use them.

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