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Squirrels, Birds, & Lizards… A Seedling’s #1 Enemy

Seedlings are susceptible to a variety of hazards…cold weather, hot weather, too little water, too much water, but the sneakiest of them all… critters. Squirrels, birds, lizards, chipmunks, & bugs to name a few, love to dine on seedlings.

Growing from seed allows you to have the most variety in your garden (not every plant is available at your local nursery), but you have to contend with the challenges listed above. Most environmental concerns can be controlled with good planning. Know your growing zone, ensure you plant in an area with enough sunlight, water often enough, and protect plants if temperatures turn to freezing. Animals and pests present a challenge at any time though (as you can see in this video…). But you can contend with them using a few methods.

First, you can start your seeds in a seedling tray. Trays often come with a top, which helps keep pests out especially if the trays are outside, giving them safety to grow and establish themselves. Second, you can put a greenhouse/covering over your garden. This forms a barrier keeping most pests out. Lastly, you can add deterrents in your garden. Think of scarecrows in fields, but smaller. Reflective ribbon (often called bird tape) or reflective pinwheels are popular with our co-founder, Theresa. Essentially add something that easily moves in the wind and reflects light. This tends to scare off most pests.

You can put one, or all of them to good use in your garden and they should give your seedlings the helping hand they need to reach maturity.

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