Hi everyone this is Bryan Traficante from and this is Easy Growing Episode number 26!

On today’s episode I’m going to be planting Swiss Chard in our raised garden. Swiss Chard is that leafy green which has a red, yellow, sometimes purplish colored stem on it. The flavor of Swiss Chard is similar to that of spinach, with the stem itself being bit sweeter.

Swiss Chard Growing Info

When planting, you’re going to want to plant four per Garden Grid™ watering system square, basically four plants grow per square foot. Then you’re going to want to maintain consistent soil moisture.

For instance, if it doesn’t rain what we’ll do is typically water for about 5 10 minutes every day (until seedlings are established).  As the plant grows you continually harvest it throughout the season. Once the leaf is about four inches long (four inches or longer) it’s fine to harvest and basically you can harvest as plant continually until you hit a hard frost.

So we’ll go ahead and start planting it in our garden now and see how it goes!

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