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Green Beans, Snap Beans, or String Beans

Whatever you call them & wherever you garden across the U.S., you can plant them in July!

Green Beans (as we’ll call them) are super easy to grow. You direct sow the seeds right into your soil about 1″ below the surface. They come in bush varieties (which we’re growing in this video) or pole varieties, which climb up things like trellises, cages or even other neighboring tall plants. Bush varieties are easier to manage, but they do product a little less compares to pole varieties. Either way, here are planting & growing tips for green beans in your garden!


  • Grow 4 plants per Garden Grid watering system square
  • Grow Them In Full Sun (6+ hours/day)
  • Keep Soil Consistently Moist Like You Do For Most Garden Vegetable 
    • We water with The Garden Grid™ every 2-3 days for about 10 minutes. When seeds are freshly planting or just sprouting, we’ll water lightly every day.
  • Plant Them In Stages – Some on week, some a couple weeks later so you don’t have to harvest all at once. 
  • Once the beans are 5-6″ long (usually 50-60 days after planting, 60-70 for pole variety) they’re ready to harvest!
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