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The Most Popular Garden Grid™ Riser Tube Questions Answered

  1. How tall is the riser tube originally?
    • 6″. And, you can trim it as short as 2″.
  2. Does the riser tube feature come with The Garden Grid™ now?
    • Yes! All Garden Grids™ come with the riser tube feature.
  3. If my Garden Grid™ was purchased before the riser tube feature came out, can I add it on?
    • Also yes, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to. If your garden bed soil is filled to the top, the riser isn’t needed. If you do want to add the riser to your existing Garden Grid™ we have conversion kits available here.
  4. Do The Garden Grids™ that come with your Metal Raised Garden Beds have the riser tube also?
    • Yep! All Garden Grids™ that come with our Metal Raised Garden Beds also have the riser tube. So, if you fill our raised garden beds to the top with soil, or not, the Garden Grid can fit perfectly!

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