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On this episode, we introduce our new Garden Grid™ watering system connection manifolds.

Hi everyone, I’m Bryan Traficante from and this is Episode #22 of Easy Growing. On today’s episode we’re introducing our new Garden Grid™ watering system connection manifold, designed by our co-founder Tom who you might have seen in Easy Growing Episode #8 where he showed you how to build a greenhouse, without using any tools in your raised garden bed. He’s also the designer of the Garden Grid™ watering system. So today’s he’s brought to us our newest addition to Garden In Minutes and it’s the new connection manifold.

What the Multi-Garden Grid™  Connection Manifold Does

Basically, it brings the connection points of the Garden Grid™ up higher so you don’t have to bend down as much. It also pulls in the water feed tubes tight against your garden bed, that way it’s a bit more of a neat and tidy, organized garden that you can grow in.

Different Manifold Heights

Now I’ll take you down to our garden to show you what it’s like. BUT, what’s really neat about the manifold here is that along with bringing all of your hoses and things like that tight against your garden bed, to keep them out of the way he’s designed it so that it can be made into a variety of heights. This is our 8″ tall one, which of course goes with our 8″ tall raised garden bed. We also have a 16″ and 24″ and a ground level one. So if you have two Garden Grids™ at ground level and you don’t have a raised bed or the need for the height of a taller manifold like this; this one lays flat on the ground, the Garden Grid™ connect here and your garden hose goes in right here.

Extra Manifold Connection Port

Now the last component about the new manifold that is really, what I think is exciting, is that they all have an additional connection port. So if you have your garden hose coming in here, you have your Garden Grids™ connected here, this cap can unscrew to allow you to add a garden hose with a sprayer for instance. Or add a garden hose to connect to another Garden Grid™. Or a garden hose to connect to another Manifold for multiple Garden Grid™ connections.

So, I’ll take you down to our garden, show you what it’s like, everything is still adjustable – where you can adjust the water flow to each Garden Grid™ individually, but now everything is a bit tighter and neater in your garden and you have a little bit more option in terms of adding additional features like a garden hose with a sprayer, or more easily connecting to multiple Garden Grids™ for the rest of your garden.

Taking a Closer Look

Alright! So we’re over by our garden and you can see the Garden Grid connection manifold currently in-action. Connecting these two Garden Grids™ together while also keeping the tubes and hose tight against the garden bed.Basically keeping it out of the way, keeping everything nice and neat and tidy in your garden. Each Garden Grid™ still has the ability to be adjusted independently of its partner. So, if you can see the water running right now, I can turn this valve to reduce the flow here. Say I have seedlings that need something a little bit more gentle. Or if this garden has enough water I can turn it off completely while this one stays at its current rate or I can adjust them both to exactly what I need. Now, on here we of course have the additional connection port that I talked about earlier. If I wanted to connect this to say a third Garden Grid™ on the backside of our garden I would just unscrew this cap, connect our garden hose to it and run the hose over to that other Garden Grid™ and begin watering! The other aspect of course is if you have more than one additional Garden Grid™ you would just run a hose from this to another manifold, which connects another pair of Garden Grids™ somewhere else in your garden area.

That’s it!

Alright, and that’s it for Easy Growing Episode #22. Thank you all so much for watching! You can find ALL of our Garden Grid™ watering system manifold heights on our site right now ( From ground level, to 8″, 16″, and 24″. They’re also now a part of all of our Raised Garden Kits for 2018 and on!
So, hope you all have a wonderful gardening season we’ll see you next time!

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