Fixing Blossom Rot – Easy Growing Episode #3

Fixing Blossom Rot – Easy Growing Episode #3 Blossom rot sneaks up on many gardeners, even us! This issue typically has to do with two things: Over watering and calcium deficiency. Theresa Traficante, founder at GardenInMinutes, shows you some of the blossom rot she found on her tomatoes this season and how she is going about […]

Winter Season01.16.17

Winter Gardening – Easy Growing Episode #2

Winter Gardening – Easy Growing Episode #2 Depending on where you live in the U.S. winter is a little known, but ideal, gardening seasons. South Florida, South Texas, Coastal Southwest, and Coastal California winter gives you the opportunity to grow delicate plants that otherwise would be damaged by the oppressive heat of your hot summers. […]

What To Plant12.15.17

13 Frost Tolerant Plants to Grow when it’s Cold

13 Frost Tolerant Plants to Grow When it’s Cold Gardening is not just reserved for the warm seasons. If you’re like us, and always want to have fresh vegetables on hand, there is good news! There are a variety of frost tolerant plants and vegetables that allow the excited horticulturalist to grow in less than optimal […]

Garden Design01.08.17

Expanding Your Garden Bed – Easy Growing Episode #1

Expanding Your Garden Bed – Easy Growing Episode #1 As our garden grows, often times our growing aspirations do as well. If you grow with us, you know that our garden beds are all modular, which means they’re also expandable. When we talk about that feature at Farmers Markets or with you online the concept […]

Winter Prep12.31.16

Winterize Your Garden to Prepare it for Spring – 3 Steps

Winterize Your Garden to Prepare it for Spring – 3 Steps The weather is now cooler and the nights have grown longer as we make our way into the winter season. Fall concluded with a bountiful season of colorful and rustic vegetables, but for most of the U.S., (albeit Florida, Coastal California, and the southern […]

Plant Spacing09.27.16

10 Best Fall Garden Plants To Grow

The 10 Best Fall Garden Plants to Grow Article Summary: Information about vegetables that grow well in the fall for hardiness zones 8-11 and 5-7 can be found in our overview below. A comprehensive look at ten vegetables, their growth rates, as well as an overview of the USDA hardiness zones to guide you through deciding […]


Roasted Cinnamon Pumpkin Seeds

The fall season is upon us! Cool weather, the turning of the leaves, football, family gatherings, what’s not to love? The fall season also means there’s a cornucopia of seasonal recipes to bring into the mix, and nothing says fall like a pumpkin dish. Roasted Cinnamon Pumpkin Seeds Pick a pumpkin from your garden or […]


Pumpkin Margarita Recipe

Pumpkin Margarita Recipe Fall has arrived, but that doesn’t mean summer has to end! Harken back to blissful hours spent poolside and carefree days that melted into long balmy nights with this fall-inspired cocktail recipe. Pumpkin Margarita Recipe Round up the neighbors ‘cause you’re going to want to show this one off. This Pumpkin Margarita […]

Salsa Garden07.09.16

How to Grow a Salsa Garden + Salsa Garden Layout

How to Grow a Salsa Garden + Salsa Garden Layout Article Summary: Here we dive into the ins and outs of growing your own salsa garden. That is, all the plants, plant spacing needs and growing process for your garden in order to grow, harvest and make your own homemade salsa! We cover a brief history […]

Salsa Garden07.09.16

Homemade, Fresh Garden Salsa Recipe

Homemade, Fresh Garden Salsa Recipe What do big events such as birthdays, bar mitzvahs and college game days have in common? You may be inclined to think family, friends and good times, but these are only minor similarities compared to the big one. These occasions all involve snacks! And, if you know anything about the […]

Fall Gardening09.19.16

3 Simple Tips to Grow a Successful Fall Garden

3 Steps to a Better Fall Garden Article Summary: An overview of three aspects that will affect a garden in the Fall. It includes what to look for in soil, proper watering methods and measurements, as well as the best way to space vegetables. This is a beneficial article for anyone interested in starting  fall garden and […]

Summer Gardening06.22.16

Summer Gardening Tips to Keep you Growing in the Heat

Summer Gardening Tips to Keep you Growing in the Heat (Updated June 2019) Summer means school is out! It means family vacations, water parks, beaches, and 4th of July. Most importantly, it means heat! Sunscreen becomes part of our daily routine as we attempt to protect ourselves from the season’s brutal rays. If the sun […]

Seasonal Education09.29.15

The Origins of Fall; Seasonal Education

The Origins of Fall Fall is a prime season for planting and harvesting rich and rustic vegetables. With the holiday season in sight, a fresh fall garden harvest makes for the perfect assistant to your favorite holiday meals. From root veggies like the beet and turnip to the summer squash and its famous orange cousin, […]

Quick Recipe09.26.15

Brown Sugar Candied Jalapenos Recipe

Brown Sugar Candied Jalapenos Recipe A perfect game day snack where spicy meets sweet. This simple and addictive garden to table recipe is a fan favorite around, and a bit of a competition to see who can make the best batch. Pro tip: The longer you let your jalapenos sit in their sauce, the […]

Square Foot Gardening09.13.15

Grow a Salad Garden – Guide + Salad Garden Layout

Grow a Salad Garden – Guide + Salad Garden Layout Grow Your Own! Salad that is. So you crave a salad,  you go all the way  to the grocery store to pick out your herbivore delights, and once you’re there you stare and wonder how long these veggies have really been on the shelf, or […]

Garden Cocktail08.23.15

Blueberry Mojito Recipe

Blueberry Mojito Recipe A mix of sweet and tangy citrus flavors with a crisp and refreshing finish. Inspired by our friend, fellow gardener and master mixologist, Dustin Crawford; our Blueberry Mojito Recipe adds a garden fresh approach to the delicious classic cocktail. Blueberry Mojito Recipe – How to Make What you can grow in your garden: Blueberries […]

Square Foot Gardening08.20.15

The all-in-one Plant Spacing Chart and Guide

The all-in-one Plant Spacing Chart and Planting Guide If you use row planting in your raised garden, you’re missing out! You could be growing a lot more, without any extra effort. Do not worry though, ambitious gardener. There’s a better way and we’re here to show you the plant spacing ‘light’. Below we’ll give you a […]

Strawberry Cocktail08.16.15

‘A Little R&R’ – Whiskey Strawberry Cocktail Recipe

‘A Little R&R’ – Whiskey Strawberry Cocktail Light and refreshing with a pleasant tartness accompanied by a feathered sweetness. ‘A Little R&R’ is a fun play on words for the Rye and Rhubarb in the recipe, pair them with  fresh strawberry, and this is a perfect cocktail for a sunny day.    ‘A Little R&R’ […]

Tomato and Basil08.12.15

Insalata Caprese Recipe

Insalata Caprese Recipe A classic Italian dish combining mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil that can double as a fresh appetizer or a light meal. One of the keys to perfecting this dish is using the right tomato! In our opinion, avoid the large tomato varietals and stick with something a little smaller and flavorful, like a […]

Jalapeno Cocktail08.09.15

‘The Spicy Dame’ – A Jalapeno, Cucumber, Vodka Cocktail

‘The Spicy Dame’ – Jalapeno, Cucumber, Vodka Cocktail Sweet, Spicy, and Fresh. The Spicy Dame is a brilliant garden cocktail combining a variety of fresh herbs and vegetables that give it a distinguished flavor, perfect for a handcrafted weekend indulgence.    The Spicy Dame Cocktail: How to Make What you can grow in your garden: […]


Garden to Cocktail: Cucumber Gin Gimlet

Cucumber Gin Gimlet Recipe (Garden Cocktail) With the summer heating up a number of the veggies we planted in spring are ripe for picking. With two cucumber plants fitting neatly into a Garden Grid™ square, our cucumber plants in particular have given us quite a summer harvest. To put some of those cucumbers to work we […]

Garden Growing Zones07.21.15

Find Your Growing Zone

Find Your Growing Zone For novice and advanced gardeners alike, the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map is a useful tool for planning a garden. The USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map (below) is a color coded map of the US that breaks the country into color coded zones based on average low temperature readings. The zones […]


Cucumber Infused Gin Recipe

Cucumber Infused Gin Recipe Having a garden (if you’re a Garden In Minutes fan – A Raised Garden) is all about access to fresh, homegrown herbs, veggies and fruits; and (in our humble opinion) one of the best things about all that fresh produce is whipping up a refreshing summer cocktail to cool off with! […]

Rooftop Garden04.18.15

A Rooftop Garden in NYC

A Rooftop Garden in NYC Changing cities can be tough. Keeping your green thumb alive in a concrete jungle? Challenge accepted! A short (and true) story about moving to NYC, and keeping a love for gardening alive and well.   Contributing writer: Chun Rosenkranz – MSW, gardening enthusiast, adventurer & world’s most interesting man.     […]

Square Foot Gardening03.24.14

Square Foot Gardening Spacing – How does it work?

Square Foot Gardening Spacing – How does it work? Want to grow a lot in a small space? Want to use your growing area as efficiently as possible and give yourself huge harvests with less work? Then you should plant using the square foot garden method. Spacing plants using the square foot garden method takes […]

Urban Gardening11.01.14

What is Urban Gardening?

“What is Urban Gardening? It’s a ‘growing’ trend!” With a growing awareness of the quality of food we eat, urban gardening is one of the most promising agriculture trends on the rise. Urban gardening not only provides families with the freshest food possible right from their own homes, but also reduces ”food miles” that are […]

Garden to table07.03.15

Garden to Table Recipes

Garden to Table Recipes are all about eating what you grow! As you know, we love gardening! Seeing a seed grow into a plant, tending to it and seeing it produce food is a feeling of accomplishment like no other. But once everything is grown and harvested, the exciting and often debating topic of “what […]

Winter Season01.22.15

Garden Frost Protection Tips

4 Steps for Garden Frost Protection We always know it’s going to happen, but we never know exactly when. Sometimes it surprises us in fall or drags out into the spring, and it certainly happens during winter! We’re talking about frost. The chilly destroyer of gardens! Unfortunately you’ll never be able to completely avoid frost in […]

Square Foot Gardening03.23.15

All About Square Foot Gardening

Square Foot Gardening – What It Is and How to do It If you’ve always wanted to grow your own vegetable garden but have been turned off by the idea of spending countless hours stooped over endless rows of vegetables, square foot gardening may be the perfect solution for you. Not only does square foot […]