Winter Gardening10.13.17

Fall & Winter Garden Plant Spacing in The Garden Grid – Easy Growing Episode #18

Fall & Winter Gardening Plant Spacing – Easy Growing Ep. 18 Fall and winter are not as widely utilized as gardening seasons, but with the right plants and of course avoidance of extreme cold, you can grow plants that summer and spring are too hot for. The theme of fall and winter gardening plants is […]


Basic Garden Grid™ Watering System Care – Easy Growing Episode #17

The Basic Care & Maintenance of a Garden Grid™ Watering System The Garden Grid™ watering system is designed to be a durable and carefree garden watering system, saving you time, effort, and providing more effective watering than drip irrigation. Maintenance is low to unneeded, but over time you still want to check on it to […]

The Garden Grid08.29.17

You Requested Them, So We Made Them! 6 New Garden Grid™ Sizes – Easy Growing Episode #16

Introducing 6 New Garden Grid Watering System Sizes Your requests for additional Garden Grid™ sizes have been heard! We’re excited to share the newest permanent additions to the Garden Grid™ family – The 4×8, 3×8, 3×6, 4×5, 2×8, and 2×6 Garden Grid™ watering systems!   Video Transcript Intro On this episode, we’ve heard your […]

Summer Gardening07.11.17

How to Manage Summer Garden Wilt, Scorching, & Bolting – Easy Growing Episode #15

Wilting, Scorching and Bolting – How to Manage These Common Summer Garden Ailments The summer heat and extended days can be problematic for some plants. With high temperatures, extended hours of sunlight, and increased sunlight intensity your plants may have trouble coping or yielding the result you want. In this Episode, Bryan Traficante, co-founder, discusses these […]

Watering Setup04.10.17

How Multiple Garden Grids Connect to One Water Source – Easy Growing Episode #12

How Multiple Garden Grids Connect Together and Run From One Water Source We’re often asked a question like this ‘Can I run multiple Garden Grids from one hose? and can they connect together?” The answer is Yes! And the process is simple. With the use of our two-way water flow valves and garden hoses you […]

Plant Spacing04.03.17

How Raised Garden Bed Plant Spacing Works Best – Easy Growing Episode #11

Raised Garden Bed Plant Spacing – How It Works Best Raised garden bed plant spacing, if done correctly, can nearly triple production compared to traditional gardening. The key is to plant by area as opposed to rows. Row gardening is designed to leave walking paths between plants so you can access everything. However,  raised garden beds […]


Filling Raised Garden Beds. Make Sure you Overfill! – Easy Growing Episode #10

When Filling Your Raised Garden Bed with Soil, Overfill it! In this episode, Bryan explains why you should overfill your garden bed with soil. A quick, but very valuable piece of info! Your garden bed houses your growing environment, so you’ll want to make sure you provide a great environment for your plants to thrive! […]